July 12, 2017

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?

Here is my situation: I’ve got an awesome laptop, it’s powerful, it’s beautiful. But, I want a new one, my current laptop is getting on, it’s battery life is dwindling, it’s starting to show it’s age. Only true techies and computer enthusiasts will understand my dilemma? At the moment, I’m feeling the pressure of the Hamletian question that needs to be answered:

To upgrade or not to upgrade?

After one year of owning the HP Omen laptop, I’m thinking of replacing it, the decision isn’t easy, so I’m going to jot everything down to help me decide. 

Reasons for Getting a New Laptop

Adjusting to My Own Needs

I own an HP Omen laptop and it does everything I need it to do. It’s astonishing how fast it is but it also has its flaws, it gets way to hot, it weighs a lot compared to my Wife’s Mac Air and then their is the battery life, sigh.

Keeping up With the Times

Technology changes quickly. My HP Omen hasn’t been outpaced just yet, but newer processors and features are a compelling reason to take the plunge and keep up with the Jones’s.

The Curse of Operating in Co-working Spaces

I work in a co-working space in Wellington and this is a bit of a curse for me. I often see people wondering around with the latest Mac or Windows laptop. It’s like being stalked around the Internet by creepy banners, but my ad-blocker isn’t working. Anyway, if I decide to upgrade, I’ll purchase either one of the 13-inch MacBook Air or Dell’s xps 13. These two are arguably powerful enough to meet my requirements (the HP Omen was overkill?) Both prospective laptops are powerful so I wouldn’t suffer a major downgrade in performance. Secondly, I would get a much lighter machine. And finally, with all due respect to the design of the HP Omen, the 13-inch Macbook Air and Dell’s XPS 13 are by far the most beautiful items of technology available on the market and like the Omen have a unibody metal case which pleases me.

StockSnap / Pixabay

Reasons Against Buying A New Laptop


Your Old Laptop Has No Flaws At All

Considering the fact that the last year wasn’t the year of groundbreaking inventions, maybe I don’t even need a new machine? My Omen is still a terrific gaming machine with high-resolution display features and 16 gigs of RAM. As I mentioned a couple of paragraphs before, this laptop has its flaws but the new generations of laptops and MacBooks haven’t got so far ahead of the HP Omen I already own.

1588877 / Pixabay

File Transfer and Configuration

It’s going to take a half day to get all my files across and setup Windows exactly the way I want it. If I buy a Mac, well, I’ve also got to buy and install Windows (which I’ve never done).

Added Cost

No matter how much you earn or how well is your business going, no one likes to spend more money than necessary.

The struggle is real. Should I keep my Omen? Or should I upgrade? Thanks for reading!

(That was 3 mins of your life you’ll never get back)

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